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Grove - Chainable RGB LED v2.0

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: 177.87 TL + VAT
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: 213.45 TL

RGB LED always bring us vivid and magic light effect, especially when there are a large number of LEDs shining together. However it is not easy to connect all the LEDs together if you want to build such LED projects. Why not have a try with Seeed’s Grove- Chainable RGB LED V2.0.

Grove-Chainable RGB LED V2.0 is based on P9813S14 chip. This chip is a full-color light source driver chip that can provide three constant current driver and 256 greyscale modulation output. The key word of this product is “Chainable”, so how many LEDs can it be chained? By connecting the output grove connector of one LED to the input grove connector of another one, you are able to chain 1024 RGB LEDs at most!

If you have experience using Grove-Chainable RGB LED V1.0, you will find that V2.0 is a bit longer than V1.0. In V2.0, because we adjust the grove connectors to be parallel with the board instead of vertical, so that the cable don’t need to be crooked.

Technical details

Dimensions 40mm x20mm x15mm
Weight G.W 11g
Battery Exclude
Input voltage 5V
Working temperature -40 – 85℃
Max working current 60mA
Max Chained LED Quantity: 1024

Part List

Grove – Chainable RGB Led V2.0 1
Grove Cable 1
Grove - Chainable RGB LED v2.0
Grove - Chainable RGB LED v2.0
177.87 TL + VAT
213.45 TL
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