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Elegoo Neptun 4 Plus 3D Printer

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: 12,699.20 TL + VAT
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Elegoo Neptune 4 Plus 3D Printer

Print Volume: 320*320*385mm

Maximum Print Speed: 500 mm/s
11 x 11 (121) Point Automatic Bed Leveling
Up to 300°C Nozzle Temperature
Compatible with PLA/PETG/ABS/TPU/Nylon Filaments
WiFi / WLAN / USB Transfer


121 Point Automatic Bed Leveling, Dual Gear Direct Extruder, Ultra Quiet Printing, Removable Capacitive Screen, 320x320x385 mm3 / 12.59x12.59x15.74 Inch Large Print Size


Klipper Manufacturer Software

The Neptune 4 Plus comes with powerful Klipper product software that supports impressive print speeds of up to 500 mm/s (default 250 mm/s) and accelerations of up to 12000 mm/s, along with advanced features like input shaping and pressure advance.

Equipped with acceleration sensors on the X and Y axes for automatic calibration and enhanced print quality


Klipper High-Speed Motherboard

With a 64-bit 1.5GHz quad-core processor, it provides print speeds of up to 500 mm/s.


320 x 320 x 385 mm3 Print Volume

Allows you to realize ambitious designs for large models or multiple small objects, providing ample space for your creative creations.


Fast and Precise Extrusion

Equipped with a dual-gear direct extruder hardware with a 5.2:1 reduction (gear) ratio.


300 C High-Temperature Nozzle Kit

Capable of reaching up to 300 C with its 60W ceramic heater and brass block.


Effective Cooling Performance

Quickly solidifies and maintains its shape throughout the printing process, providing excellent prints.




 Print Volume  320 X 320 X 385 MM
 Maximum Print Speed  500 mm/s
 Nozzle  300 C High-Temp Nozzle
 Software  Klipper
 Cooling Fan

 2x4015 Ball Bearing Cooling Fans

 3010 Ball Bearing Cooling Fan


 2x6025 Ball Bearing Cooling Fans

 Bed Calibration  121-Point
 LED  30 Led Light Bar
 Extruder Type  Dual-gear Direct Extruder
 Nozzle LED  Yes
 Power  320W
 Bed Temperature  85 C
 Magnetic PEI Platform  Yes
 Additional Features

 POM V-guide wheels


 Dual Y-axis profile with two rows of 3 + 3V wheels




Elegoo Neptun 4 Plus 3D Printer
Elegoo Neptun 4 Plus 3D Printer
12,699.20 TL + VAT
15,239.04 TL
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