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Elegoo Mercury Xs Bundle Washing and Curing Device Set

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110V/240V 50/60Hz
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ELEGOO Mercury XS Bundle Washing and Curing Station


360° Surround Exposure: The latest curing station utilizes 2 L-shaped light bars (each with built-in 14 UV LED lights) and adds 4 UV LED beads under the rotating table. Work with a 360° automatically rotating turntable and a handheld UV lamp that cures the corners, gaps, and interiors of 3D prints, ensuring thorough hardening without any uncured spots.

Dual Washing and Curing Function: ELEGOO Mercury XS includes 1 washing station and 1 final curing station with dual functions of cleaning off uncured resin of 3D printed models to optimize your printing quality, simplifying your post-processing and making it more efficient.

Large Washing Volume: With a 7000ml large-capacity sealed water tank, you can wash large models directly printed by ELEGOO Saturn and Mars 3, or clean parts in batches to save significant time and enhance productivity.

Easy and Intuitive Operation: With just one button, press and hold to turn on the machine, then rotate the button to set an appropriate time for washing or curing, and your models will be ready in a short time. The UV cover can block up to 99.9% of ultraviolet rays and protect your vision during post-curing.

Wide Compatibility: Compatible directly with ELEGOO Saturn or Mars 3 3D printers and most similar-sized LCD/DLP/SLA 3D resin printers on the market, making your post-processing of resin prints simple, professional, and efficient.


NOTE: The Mercury XS Bundle is perfectly compatible with ELEGOO Mars 3 Pro 3D Printer and Saturn 2 3D Printer, but the handle of the build plate of Saturn 2 needs to be removed before washing prints.


True Comprehensive Curing  

2 adjustable L-shaped light bars and enhanced 4 LED lights under the 360° rotating turntable emit UV light with a uniform wavelength of 405nm, matched with Fresnel lenses, ensuring even exposure of the model from all angles.

Additionally, there is a handheld UV lamp to cure the interiors or corners and crevices of 3D printed parts for smoother surfaces and incredible print quality, also ideal for touch-up mounted models.

Powerful Rinsing

The 7.5-liter water tank is designed with a rubber sealing strip and strong turbine blades to effectively remove excess resin on the surface of models and prevent liquid spills and evaporation. 2 cleaning methods: basket washing, remove the model and place it in the basket for cleaning; suspension washing, hang the printing platform directly on the cleaning rack for cleaning.

Convenient Operation Settings

Simply press and hold the button for 3 seconds to turn on the washing and curing functions with a smooth interface. The setting time can be adjusted up to 30 minutes according to your needs.

Elegoo Mercury Xs Bundle Washing and Curing Device Set
Elegoo Mercury Xs Bundle Washing and Curing Device Set
5,440.04 TL + VAT
6,528.04 TL
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