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Elegoo Mars 4 Max 3D Printer

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Elegoo Mars 4 Max 3D Printer

Key Features:

9.1 inch 6K Mono LCD: ELEGOO MARS 4 Max features a 9.1-inch monochrome LCD with a resolution of 5760x3600 and 34um XY resolution, and speeds up to 70 mm/s. It is equipped with a tempered glass of 9H hardness that has excellent light permeability and protects the LCD screen from scratches and damage caused by resin spills or penetration.

COB+ Collimated Light Source: MARS 4 Max uses a COB+ collimated light source to ensure that the emitted 405nm wavelength light is more vertical and uniform across the entire LCD screen. It is paired with a full grayscale edge smoothing algorithm to make the printed models have finer and more realistic details and a smoother surface.

Large Build Volume: A build volume of 195.84x122.4x150mm (7.71x4.81x5.9 inches) provides you with more creative space to print a large model or multiple parts at once, boosting your productivity.

Efficient Heat Dissipation: A dual-fan cooling system design with one for air intake and another for exhaust ensures faster air circulation and higher heat dissipation efficiency, extending the lifespan of 3D printers.

Voxeldance Tango Software: There are three printing modes: static mode and dynamic mode (including smooth and high-speed modes). In dynamic mode, the printing lift speed is faster when the printed model cross-section is small to increase printing efficiency; conversely, the printing speed slows down. It is combined with ELEGOO's newly developed open-source GOO slicing format, which supports multiple slicing software without restriction.

Invigorating Print Environment: A detachable air purifier with an active carbon filter reduces the smell of resin, creating an invigorating print environment. Additionally, ELEGOO's first large air purifier with 95% VOC purification efficiency (210x247x410mm) will soon be available on the market. (Separately purchased)


6K Printing Accuracy

With a 9.1 inch 6K mono LCD screen with a resolution of 5760x3600, a 34 micron XY resolution, and speeds up to 70 mm/s, you can print extremely detailed models with only 1.5-3 seconds of curing time per layer. The replaceable tempered glass with 9H hardness effectively prevents scratches and damage to the LCD screen, extending its lifespan.

Stable Printing Performance

A thicker 20 mm Z-axis linear guide rail significantly reduces the vibration amplitude during Z-axis movement and effectively lessens the layer patterns of printed models, enhancing print success rate. The sandblasted building plate improves model adhesion for higher print success rates.

Smoother Surface Finish

COB+ refractive light source ensures that the 405nm wavelength light is more evenly and vertically exposed across the LCD screen, significantly reducing the "staircase" effect, resulting in finer details and smoother surface quality.

Efficient Ecosystem

The dual cooling fan structure dissipates heat more quickly and efficiently, extending the lifespan of the MARS 4 MAX. The air purifier, connected via USB with an active carbon filter, reduces the smell of resin in the printer compartment. Additionally, you can choose ELEGOO's first large air purifier capable of removing up to 95% of formaldehyde and VOCs soon to be released.

Elegoo Mars 4 Max 3D Printer
Elegoo Mars 4 Max 3D Printer
9,763.68 TL + VAT
11,716.42 TL
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