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Elegoo Mars 4 DLP 3D Printer

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Elegoo Mars 4 DLP 3D Printer

Brand New DLP 3D Printer: ELEGOO MARS 4 DLP 3D printer uses TI (Texas Instruments) DLP technology to project light with up to 95% light homogeneity directly and concentratedly onto the base of the resin tank. Tempered glass with up to 95% light transmittance replaces traditional LCD screens, effectively reducing light diffusion and stray light interference. Meanwhile, the full gray edge smoothing algorithm significantly reduces rough edges, making the model surface smoother and more precise.


2W+ Lifespan: The DLP projector's service life is up to 20,000+ hours, ten times longer than an LCD screen's 2,000-hour lifespan; this means you'll save significantly on maintenance costs for replacing your LCD printer's screen.


Low Power and Ultra Quiet Printing: 12 W ultra-low operating power consumes about 1/7 the energy of LCD printers, saving energy and being eco-friendly. Lower power consumption produces less heat, so there is no need for a cooling fan, reducing printing noise to below 48 dB.


More Stable Structure: The Z-axis linear rail has been thickened from 15 mm to 20 mm, which effectively reduces vibration amplitude during Z-axis movement and improves layer patterning of printed models for better final print results. The print bed with strong adhesion properties increases the success rate of prints.


Smart Voxeldance Tango Slicer: Three printing modes are available: static mode and dynamic mode (including smooth and high-speed mode). In dynamic mode, the slicing software dynamically adjusts the print speed according to the cross-sectional size of the model being printed, enhancing print efficiency by reducing the impact of release force. Additionally, ELEGOO has developed a new open

Elegoo Mars 4 DLP 3D Printer
Elegoo Mars 4 DLP 3D Printer
17,532.44 TL + VAT
21,038.93 TL
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