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Drone RGB Led Indicator Module

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Drone RGB Led Indicator Module
I2C LED module for Pixhawk PX4 with USB extension function external indicators full color LED
Pixhawk strong self-evident, high integrated multi-function lamp brightness RGB full color, easy to identify the status of flight control, more intuitive compared to the previous APM, it is a great design. But the problem Pixhawk Fengyun led upwards, only on the ground, in the air, can not recognize the status of flight control, the other is surrounded by many racks, complete design, flight control, well-protected user can not easily connect the USB line. So we refer to the official part design and launch of this combo Pixhawk-RGB module functions.

Drone RGB Led Indicator Module Technical Specifications: 

  • When connected to the module, extending the built-in RGB flight control to external RGB LEDs to automatically turn off;
  • Increase USB port for easy connections from external USB cable, flight control installation place without limitation;
  • Pixhawk onboard identical Toshiba LED controller and OSRAM's high brightness RGB LED

drone-rgb-led-gostergesi-modulu.jpeg (71 KB)

Usage instructions:

Interface flags 4P cable plug connected Pixhawk I2C flight control part I2C port, if I2C port is occupied, please use I2C breakout board; Another piece of USB plug connected to the flight control of the USB port, you can complete the connection; Use, Onboard flight control RGB light will automatically turn off, plug in the plug again is for the use of built-in I2C RGB.

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Drone RGB Led Indicator Module
Drone RGB Led Indicator Module
212.58 TL + VAT
255.10 TL
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