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Dragino HP0D Outdoor LoRaWAN Full Hotspot - Outdoor Helium Miner Port (Helium Miner-HNT) (Pre Order)

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  • Dragino HP0D Outdoor LoRaWAN Full Hotspot - Outdoor Helium Miner Port (Helium Miner-HNT)

    * Buyer accepts the "DRAGINO HP0D Outdoor LoRaWAN Full Hotspot Gateway special terms and definitions in the APPENDIX-Protocol.

    The number of people making financial gains from Hellium mining in our country is increasing day by day. Dragino HP0D Outdoor LoRaWAN Full Hotspot is Dragino's latest product for Helium mining. It is an outdoor LoRaWAN Gateway. It allows you to connect the LoRa wireless network to an IP network via WiFi, Ethernet, optional 3G or 4G. LoRa wireless allows users to send data at low data rates and reach extremely long distances.

    Dragino HP0D Outdoor LoRaWAN Full Hotspot passed Helium Full Port Certification. It supports Helium's miner feature and has a built-in ATECC608 encryption chip. Helium can be used as Full Hotspot for the project. It also supports Semtech packet forwarder and LoRaWAN Station connection, fully compatible with LoRaWAN protocol. HP0D supports two LoRaWAN servers at the same time, users can use HP0D for helium mining and connect to max 2 x LoRaWAN servers at the same time.

    The Dragino brand paid HP0D a $40 recruiting cost and a $10 location cost for each HP0D. All the devices you buy are ready to use for helium scraping, the user just needs to enter the HNT wallet address and use the QR Code to insert the HP0D when it arrives. HP0D has standard LoRaWAN frequency bands preconfigured to use for different countries. Users can also customize their frequency bands for use in their LoRaWAN networks.

    dragino-hp0d-dismekan-lorawan-hotspot-aciklama.jpg (72 KB)

    Dragino HP0D Outdoor LoRaWAN Full Hotspot Technical Specifications:

    • Open Source Linux System
    • RPi4 with 2G /4G or 8G RAM
    • Web GUI Managed by SSH over the Internet
    • Support Semtech UDP Packet Forwarder
    • Support LoRaWAN Station Link
    • Support Helium Miner
    • External Fiberglass Antenna
    • Firmware OTA
    • 802.3af Entry Point
    • Lighting Protection
    • Remote Monitoring
    • Support Helium LoRaWAN Server and Secondary LoRaWAN Server
    • Remote Management
    dragino-hp0d-dismekan-lorawan-hotspot-paket-icerigi.jpg (35 KB)

    Dragino HP0D Outdoor LoRaWAN Full Hotspot Package Contents:

    • 1 x HP0D Outdoor LoRaWAN® Gateway
    • 1 x Outdoor Fiber Glass Antenna (3dB)
    • 1 x N Female - SMA Plug Cable
    • 1 x Pole Mount Clamp
    • 1 x Power Adapter


    * Due to the high demand for this product, all pre-sales for this product on this site are final and we do not accept returns or cancellations and cannot issue refunds. Pre-order is only open for European LoRaWAN band frequencies (EU868).

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