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Dobot Magician Lite Educational Robot

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  • Dobot Magician Lite Educational Robot

    DOBOT Magician Lite is a multifunctional, lightweight, intelligent robot arm. An entry-level model for learning to understand artificial intelligence for primary and secondary education (K12). Magician Lite has various software and hardware interaction methods with extension interfaces. Give students the freedom to create. Learning how artificial intelligence and mechanics work through play. An entertaining and educational introduction to the world of basic robotics and how it can be applied in practice. DOBOT also organizes robotics competitions to increase students' and students' interest in robotics and to generate more participation. Collaborate as a team to tackle challenging tasks by designing, creating and programming your own robots. This means that these young students can not only rigorously test what they have learned, but also celebrate their unique talents and achievements. Who says technology isn't fun?

    dobot-3.jpeg (2.71 MB)
    Excellent performance and safe to usel

    Magician Lite is compact and weighs only 2.4 kg. It is portable and therefore easy to create an application scenario. The positioning repeatability is 0.2 mm, the load is 0.25 kg, and the radius range is 340 mm. Equipped as standard with soft gripper, suction cups, pen holder and other replaceable tip tools. The robot has a collision detection function, so it can be safe around children.

    dobot.jpeg (64 KB)

    Magic Box for unlimited possibilities

    Magician Lite has an external controller called "Magic Box" that separates motion control algorithms and user tasks for greater convenience in programming and rendering. The robot supports Bluetooth and 12 expansion interfaces provide maximum openness and compatibility.


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