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Digital 0-30 Volt 5 Ampere Power Supply with Memory (DPS-3005D)

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  • DPS-3005D has 4 modes. You can set these modes as you wish. This is an elegant power supply with it's white light on black display. It's output voltage is adjustable between 0-30V and it's output current can be 5A max. This product is commonly used in laboratories and workshops.
    It is designed to be user-friendly with it's 4 different memory modes, high voltage and high current protection, warning beeper, a button that closes the output and lock-unlock features.
    It has a 'FINE' pot on it for changing the voltage in small values and precision adjustment. Current value can be set as amperes or milliamperes. It has a feature of current limiting. In precision adjustment the steps are 10mV and 1mA.

    • Over Current: Closing the output when the current is higher than the limit set.
    • Over Voltage: Closing the output when the voltage is higher than the limit set.
    • Lock-Unlock: Locking the all control buttons, leaving only the output on.
    • White light on black display
    • 0-30V adjustable output voltage
    • 0-5A adjustable and fixable output current
    • High voltage protection
    • High current protection
    • High temperature protection
    • Exchangeable safety fuse (1.5A)


    • Product Dimensions: 300x160x170mm
    • Weight: 5 kg
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