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Creality MK Series Barel

Creality 3D
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Creality MK Series Barel 


Creality MK Series Barel is a product that is screwed on both sides and is used to connect the cooling radiator and the heater panel. In addition, for filament transmission through it, the cylinder also requires heat insulation to prevent the filament from getting too hot at the top and losing its hardness.

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Creality MK Barel Compatible Printers:


  • Ender-3 Neo
  • Ender-3 Maks Neo
  • CR-10 Smart

Creality MK Barel Technical Specifications:


  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Inner Diameter: 5mm
  • Length: 30mm
Creality MK Series Barel
Creality MK Series Barel
33.05 TL + VAT
39.66 TL
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