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Creality Extruder Kit(Red Double Gear)

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Creality 3D
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  • Creality Extruder Kit(Red Double Gear)


    Creality Extruder Kit (Red Double Gear) is a kit that you can use instead of a plastic extruder that wears out over time due to the filament, depending on the user. It increases the printing performance and quality by holding the filament better thanks to its double teeth. It is also possible for a plastic extruder to experience wear with continued use, despite being well-maintained. For this reason, switching to a metal body extruder system will provide many times more lifetime than the plastic extruder system. It allows you to easily print flexible materials without any hassle. 'Extruder Calibration' is an important process after extruder replacement. Remember to calibrate the extruder before printing.

    Creality Extruder Kit (Red Double Gear) Compatible Printers:


    • CR-10 Max
    • CR-5 Pro
    • CR-5 Pro H
    • CR-10S Pro
    • CR-10
    • CR-10S
    • CR-10S Pro V2


    Creality Extruder Kit (Red Double Gear) Technical Specifications:


    • Material: Aluminum
    • Filament Diameter: 1.75 mm
    • Double Gear
    • Compatible with Flexible (TPU, Flexible) Filaments.
    • It is easily used in Doped or Soft Filaments.
    • Color: Red


    Creality Extruder Kit (Red Double Gear) Package Contents:


    • 1 Piece Extruder Base
    • 1 Piece Extruder Clamp
    • 1 Piece Spring Separator
    • 1 Piece Round Head Screw
    • 1 Piece Extruder Wheel
    • 1 Piece Extruder Spring
    • 1 Piece Bearing
    • 1 Piece Rivet Nut
    • 1 Piece Flat Round Screw
    • 1 Piece Countersunk Screw
    • 1 Piece Round Head Screw
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