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Creality Ender-7 Silent Mainboard

Creality 3D
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Creality Ender-7 Silent Mainboard


Creality Ender-7 Silent Motherboard is available at home and when you use it, Ender-7 Silent Motherboard is now starting to bother you with the engine noise? Are you consuming for days to give pressure but because your nights are too loud? Now your problems have a solution! Thanks to the Ender-7 Silent Motherboard, you will be able to meet the pressure you want to ride for days, together with the engine noise that will disturb you! Also, although the process of replacing the motherboard may seem very simple, it is recommended to be done by someone who is inclined or has changed the mainframe before, because burning the motherboard is a minor mishandling.

Creality Ender-7 Silent Motherboard Technical Specifications:


  • It Can Work With E / Z / Y / X Axis Motors.
  • Easy Operation with USB Interface.
  • It Has Super Quiet TMC2208 Driver.
  • Heating Problem Has Been Solved Thanks To The Optimized Card.
  • Size: 150x115x45mm

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Creality Ender-7 Silent Mainboard
Creality Ender-7 Silent Mainboard
2,842.04 TL + VAT
3,410.45 TL
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