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CR-Scan Lizard Standard 3D Scanner

Creality 3D
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CR-Scan Lizard Standard 3D Scanner

The CR-Scan Lizard Standard 3D Scanner is a product that simplifies your 3D scanning processes using the latest technology. This high-quality 3D scanner is designed to achieve excellent results and bring your designs into the digital world effectively.

Features: High Precision and Speed: The CR-Scan Lizard operates with high precision and performs fast scans, delivering accurate results for your projects.
User-Friendly Interface: It's suitable for both experienced users and beginners due to its easy-to-use interface, allowing you to start scanning quickly.
Portability: With its portable design, you can use it anywhere you need, making it an essential tool for your projects.
Wide Application Area: The CR-Scan Lizard can be used in various fields, including architecture, industrial design, art, and more. Don't limit your creativity.

Why CR-Scan Lizard Standard 3D Scanner?

This 3D scanner is an excellent tool to accelerate your projects and provide more flexibility. Designed to achieve high-quality results, its portable design allows you to use it anytime, anywhere.

Bring your designs to life and leave your mark in the digital world with the CR-Scan Lizard Standard 3D Scanner. Unleash your creativity using the latest technology.

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CR-Scan Lizard Standard 3D Scanner Technical Specifications:

Scanning Features:

  • Scanner Technology: Structured Light Scanning
  • Maximum Scanning Size: [Specified Maximum Scanning Area]
  • Scanning Accuracy: [Specified Accuracy Value]
  • Scanning Speed: [Specified Scanning Speed]
  • Minimum Scanning Object Size: [Specified Minimum Object Size]
  • Scanning Point Density: [Specified Point Density Value]
  • 3D Scanning Color Capability: Yes/No

Hardware Features:

  • Scanner Dimensions (W x D x H): [Specified Dimensions]
  • Weight: [Specified Weight]
  • Connections: [Specified Connection Options]
  • Power Supply: [Specified Power Supply Requirement]
  • Supported File Formats: [Specified File Formats]
  • Integration Options: [Specified Integration Options]

Software and Compatibility Features:

  • Supported Operating Systems: [Specified Operating Systems]
  • 3D Scanning Software: [Specified Scanning Software]
  • Application Areas: [Specified Application Areas]
  • Data Processing and Editing Capabilities: [Specified Data Processing Capabilities]
  • Data Output Formats: [Specified Data Output Formats]

Other Features:

  • Portable Design: Yes/No
  • User-Friendly Interface: Yes/No
  • Wide Application Area: Yes/No
  • Additional Hardware or Accessories: [Specified Additional Hardware or Accessories]
CR-Scan Lizard Standard 3D Scanner
CR-Scan Lizard Standard 3D Scanner
18,319.94 TL + VAT
21,983.93 TL
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