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CANBed Elite Atmega32U4 Development Board

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                       CANBed Elite Atmega32U4 Development Board

The CANBed Elite Atmega32U4 Development Board is a new line of CAN Bus development boards designed for both professional and hobby projects. This series features stylish aluminum enclosures that provide durability and protection for your projects. The CANBed Elite Atmega32U4 is the first product in this series and includes an Atmega32U4 microcontroller, MCP2515 and MCP2551 chips and is compatible with the Arduino IDE. With a built-in USB Type-C connector, LED indicators, and headers for connecting external devices, this development board is easy to use and a wide variety of applications can be made with this board. Some of these applications are: automotive diagnostics and monitoring, industrial automation, robotics, home automation, building automation. The CANBed Elite Atmega32U4 has also passed both CE and FCC certifications ensuring it meets the highest standards for quality and safety. Choose the CANBed Elite Atmega32U4 Development Board for your next CAN Bus project and experience the durability, versatility and advanced features of the CANBed Elite series. 

CANBed Elite Atmega32U4 Development Board Technical Specification:

● Microcontroller: Arduino Leonardo Atmega32U4 with bootloader
● Clock speed: 16 MHz
● Flash memory: 32 KB
● SRAM: 2,5 KB
● CAN-BUS operating voltage: 9-28V
● USB Type-C operating voltage: 5 V
● Dimensions: 70x66x30mm

CANBed Elite Atmega32U4 Development Board
CANBed Elite Atmega32U4 Development Board
1,022.42 TL + VAT
1,226.91 TL
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