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Bamboo Lab AMS Hub

Bambu Lap
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Bamboo Lab AMS Hub

AMS Hub replaces the Filament Buffer. Allows the user to connect four AMS units to the printer, which can supply 16 different spools of filament. AMS Hub consists of a filament selection module and a buffer module. The filament selection module has four inputs for connecting to four separate AMS units. Each slot has a hall sensor to detect the filament.

Bamboo Lab AMS Hub Product Features:

  • Materials: Plastic, metal, printed circuit board
  • Input: 24V 3A
  • Packing size: 250*235*96 mm
  • Weight: 700g
  • Color: Gray

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Bamboo Lab AMS Hub
Bamboo Lab AMS Hub
3,632.28 TL + VAT
4,358.73 TL
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