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Bakon 600-4C Soldering Iron Tip - 1 piece

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: 90.00 TL + VAT
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: 108.00 TL

Bakon 600-4C Soldering Tip - 1 piece

A soldering tip is a tool used in soldering processes. These tips, usually mounted on a metal handle, allow the solder to be applied to the materials to be joined by melting it. Soldering tips are typically made of conductive metals such as copper or brass and are designed to withstand high temperatures.

The shape and size of soldering tips may vary depending on the type of soldering process and the properties of the materials to be used. For example, pointed tips are preferred for intricate work, while flat or broad tips can be used for soldering larger surfaces. Additionally, different tip types may have different temperature requirements and heat distribution.

Soldering tips should be regularly cleaned and maintained because factors such as contamination or oxidation can adversely affect soldering quality. With proper maintenance and usage, soldering tips can have a long lifespan and provide reliable results in soldering processes.

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Bakon 600-4C Soldering Iron Tip - 1 piece
Bakon 600-4C Soldering Iron Tip - 1 piece
90.00 TL + VAT
108.00 TL
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