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AIR1024X600S101_A 10.1inch Resistive Touch Advanced HMI Display

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  • AIR1024X600S101_A 10.1inç Rezistif Dokunmatik Gelişmiş HMI Ekran

    AIRHMI TFT screens; They are customizable TFT screens that can create an easy GUI with drag and drop editor and C-based programming language. Thanks to its user-friendly interface, you can easily create your designs. AIRHMI helps in this regard with many objects such as button, label, image, progress bar, slider, gauge (gauge). Thanks to its editor and simple use structure, you can quickly prepare your design by saving time in your developments. In addition, you can easily manage your projects with the UART, GPIO, ADC, PWM pins you will need. Communication with the control card is provided via TTL (UART) interface. The built-in Buzzer can be ringed simply. You can use it with buzzer function sets whenever you touch the touchscreen or for warnings. The limit of your projects will be your imagination with AIRHMI displays.

    Difference from other AIRHMIs

    There are three different series of AIRHMI TFT displays. It meets your needs with Elementary, Advanced and Industry options, respectively. Advanced series stands out with 32MB memory, 5xGPIO, 2x PWM or GPIO, 1x5V output, 1x ADC, Internal Buzzer. With its large Flash capacity, it provides more space for your projects. It offers different protocol support thanks to GPIO, PWM, ADC support. AIRHMI is the perfect display for control and monitoring between man and machine.

    AIR1024X600S101_A 10.1inch Resistive Touch Advanced HMI Display Technical Specifications:

    • 1020x600 resolution
    • 65K colors
    • 32MB RAM
    • 32MB Flash Memory
    • 5V supply
    • TTL (UART) serial communication
    • 5x GPIO
    • 2x PWM / GPIO
    • 1x ADC
    • 1x 5V output
    • Built-in Buzzer
    • SD card support
    AIR1024X600S101_A 10.1inch Resistive Touch Advanced HMI Display Pin Diagram:

    arka_advanced.jpg (1.27 MB)

    AIR1024X600S101_A 10.1inch Resistive Touch Advanced HMI Display Product Dimensions:
    air1024x600s101-101inch-touch-screen-00.jpeg (14 KB)

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