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60GHz mmWave Sensor - Drop Detection Module Pro

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  • 60GHz mmWave Sensor - Drop Detection Module Pro

    60GHz mmWave Sensor - Fall Detection Module Pro applies human activities detection, including motion, fall and stationary, based on 60GHz frequency modulation continuous wave (FMCW) detection theory, providing a completely private and safe environment regardless of other noisy influences. In addition, with a standard algorithm and built-in antenna, the unit provides high fidelity simultaneous signal output. It represents an ideal solution for high accurate, self-regulation, privacy-protected, secure biotic radar systems under private property surveillance, being mindful, perform well in elderly healthcare, home, hotel, as well as hospital. Compared to 24 GHz mmWave drop detection radar sensors, 60 GHz sensors collect richer point cloud data to be more accurate, reducing more errors to improve accuracy in a conceivable way. In particular, the fine velocity resolution provides better tracking of lateral movements to ensure more stable detection of moving objects. Therefore, 60 GHz radar sensors offer 2.5 times better rate resolution performance than 24 GHz. Meanwhile, since the range resolution is highly dependent on the available bandwidth, 60GHz mmWave drop detection radar sensors will offer significantly better performance than 24GHz in high accuracy and reliable human activities definition. Especially fall detection. Compare with 1T1R(1 Transmit 1 receive) as 24 GHz radar sensors, 60 GHz 1T3R, FMCW theory, modulated antenna assembly, show real professionals. 60GHz mmWave Sensor - Drop Detection Module Pro extends the fine performance of 60GHz fmcw and uses an intelligent processing algorithm to achieve high accuracy output, drop detection at %90 and presence awareness function at %90. In addition, radar may be independent of temperature, humidity, noise, airflow, dust, light, and other environmental influences. Designed as a low power output, the radar maintains health-friendly operation status while being observed. Radar for privacy protection offers a perfect solution applying FMCW tracking technology to equip surveillance capabilities without identification.

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