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3,5′′ Raspberry Pi LCD Touch Display (Primary Display) - 4DPi-35

4D Systems
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4DPi-35 is designed for Raspberry Pi and it shows the display which is sending to HDMI normally. Its dimension is 3.5" and it has 480x320 pixel resolution.
You can make Raspberry Pi more functional without the need of the mouse with the touch panel It is compatible with Raspberry Pi 2/B+/A+/B models.
A main display image can be obtained by connecting this display like connecting Raspberry Pi to the monitor without the need of any programming or external connections unlike normal Raspberry Pi displays.
The connection between 4DPi-35 and Raspberry Pi is provided with high speed 48Mhz SPI connection.
4DPi-35 is designed on the basis of its compatibility with Raspbian operating system which is one of the Raspberry Pi's operating systems.
Raspberry Pi GPIO connection is provided through to Breakout Header (P2). In this way, you can connect directly to Raspberry Pi. It can be used together with jumper or IDC Ribon cable.
You can make connection easily between 3.5”-sized touch panel and Raspberry Pi and you can make the installation in a few simple steps.
Important Note: Display can be used with only Raspian image. Driver installation is required before connecting the display to Raspberry Pi. It describes at page 6 of the datasheet in the datasheet section that how to setup the documents section.
  • 3.5” display for Raspberry Pi
  • Compatible with Raspberry Pi 2/B+/A+/B models
  • 480x320 QVGA resolution
  • RGB 65K real color
  • TFT display with 4-pins touch panel
  • GUI output/primary output displaying
  • High speed 48Mhz SPI connection with Raspberry Pi
  • To get energy from pins that are on the Raspberry Pi without the need of the an external power supply
  • To be able to turn off backlight or ability to increase or decrease backlight through on On/Off or PWM (It can be changed with jumper that is on the LCD)
  • 25FPS display, if the display is compressed, the value of FPS will be much higher
  • Dimensions: 56.6 x 97.6 x 20.8mm
  • Display Viewing Area: 49 x 73.4mm
  • 4x corner plates with 2.6mm holes for mechanical mounting
  • RoHS and CE Compliant
3,5′′ Raspberry Pi LCD Touch Display (Primary Display) - 4DPi-35
3,5′′ Raspberry Pi LCD Touch Display (Primary Display) - 4DPi-35
2,189.70 TL + VAT
2,627.64 TL
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