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16mm Stainless Steel Key Hub 18031

Nexus Robot
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: 585.80 TL + VAT
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: 702.96 TL
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This 16mm stainless steel key hub is designed to connect a motor and a wheel. And this hub is made from stainless steel so it is more sturby and durable than the Aluminum one. This hub is key-locked and loctited to the motor shaft. This stainless steel hub will meet you requirements perfectly when you connect it to your wheels.

We design, produce and market the stainless steel key-locked hubs, we also customize the difference size for you to meet your needs and it can be start at a very low order quantity.

Key Features:

  • Material: stainless steel
  • Outside diameter: 57mm
  • Inside diameter: 16mm
  • Net weight: 240g
  • Sold in individually

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16mm Stainless Steel Key Hub 18031
16mm Stainless Steel Key Hub 18031
585.80 TL + VAT
702.96 TL
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