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Red-Kit Robotic Coding Application Kit

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  • Red-Kit Robotic Coding Application Kit

    Thanks to this kit released by the Red-Kit brand, everyone will now start learning robotic coding in a pleasant way!

    What is Red-Kit?

    • It is a material developed for children to easily code with Arduino. With the components it contains on Red-Kit, it allows children to both have fun and improve their algorithm development skills.
    • They can do text-based coding or work with drag-and-drop blocks if they want. Automatic opening doors, contactless payment, remote control, etc. that he sees in daily life. They can learn by applying the working principles of many technologies.
    • With the test cards, you can have basic information about the use of the product, and access the test codes and circuit diagrams for each component. You can improve yourself by completing the 50 tasks on the task cards.

    red-kit-robotik-kodlama-kiti-acklma.jpg (110 KB)

    Why Red-Kit?

    • Robotic coding may seem abstract, especially for young children. Reading about technology and robotic coding in a book is perhaps the traditional way of learning. However, we give our students a chance to put a theory into practice with every product they put forward.
    • Instead of dealing with individual components, students learn by associating their previous knowledge with their newly acquired knowledge, individually or in groups, with their integrated kits.
    • They explore how to plan and process technology in every product they come up with. Children learn by trying, experiencing and improving themselves.
    • We present our educational material, which we have developed to be used in Tübitak approved coding courses, to our students with our academic staff who are successful in their fields.

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