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LR7843 Mosfet Control Module Changeover Relay

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  • LR7843 Mosfet Control Module Replacement Relay

    The LR7843 Mosfet driver board has been developed for use in high current switching applications. Safe operation is possible with optocoupler isolation. It has a switching capacity of 30V 160A. However, it is necessary to use a cooler at high currents. It can be driven with signals at the level of 3V-5V. In this way, it can be used with other mcu kits. That is, it is suitable for use with arduino. It can be driven with pwm enabled mcu pins. It is not suitable for controlling AC powers. Widely used to control moto and other control equipment. The module requires 3 connections. a logic signal to turn on/off the MOSFET; A DC power source is available to power the controlled device (the load) and finally the load itself. There are connectors that can be soldered as boards, but these connections can also be made with direct wiring if desired.




    LR7843 Mosfet Control Module Replacement Relay Technical Specifications:

    • Trigger Signal: 3.3V-5V
    • Power: 70W (Max 140W)
    • Output Voltage: 0-30V/DC
    • Output Current: 110A (Maximum 160A)
    • Resistance to Drain Source(RDS(on)): 3.3mΩ
    • Drain-Source Voltage(VDS): 30V
    • PWM Speed ​​Regulation
    • Dimensions: 33x16mm
    • Weight: 5gr


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