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Code & Go Robot Mouse Activity Set

Code & Go
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Code & Go Robot Mouse Activity Set

"Code & Go Robot Mouse Activity Set" is a fun and educational toy set that helps children develop their STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) skills. This set provides children with an enjoyable opportunity to learn basic coding and problem-solving skills.

This interactive set serves as a game and learning platform that allows children to enhance their logical reasoning, sequencing, and planning abilities. Initially, children learn to build and arrange during the setup phase, and then they create commands to make the mouse robot move using coding logic.

Children determine the robot's movements using colored cards and, in the process, grasp basic programming concepts. This fun experience helps children improve their critical thinking skills while providing an entertaining game.

"Code & Go Robot Mouse Activity Set" is an excellent tool for enhancing children's creativity and problem-solving abilities while increasing their interest in STEM fields. Through this interactive set, children have fun while exploring coding and technology.

Code & Go Robot Mouse Activity Set Technical Specifications:


  • Set Contents: The "Code & Go Robot Mouse Activity Set" includes a programmable mouse robot, colorful coding cards, a maze, and educational materials.
  • Programmable Mouse Robot: The set includes a programmable mouse robot used to help children develop coding skills.
  • Colorful Coding Cards: Colorful cards are used to determine the movements of the robot mouse. They are based on a simple coding system where each color represents a different command.
  • Maze and Materials: The set includes a maze that allows children to program the mouse robot to find its way inside the maze. Additionally, educational materials teach children how to use the set step by step.
  • Battery Requirement: Typically, batteries are required for the mouse robot to operate (batteries are generally not included as part of the set and should be obtained separately).
  • Age Group: Generally suitable for children aged 5 and above.
  • Educational Quality: The set teaches basic coding principles while also developing skills such as problem-solving, logical reasoning, and sequencing.
  • Material Quality: Typically made from durable plastic materials and provides safe use for children.

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Code & Go Robot Mouse Activity Set
Code & Go Robot Mouse Activity Set
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