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Solar Panel 6V 230mA - Solar Powered Light

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  • Solar Panel 6V 230mA - Solar Powered Light

    Solar powered LED light that you can use in your projects. total on one surface This product, which has 30 LEDs, has a solar panel on the other surface. S LEDs directly under the sun when the solar energy from the ends is combined with the L ends can burn. Do not use this product in energy storage and led lighting projects or in direct light. You can choose it in combustion projects.


    What is a Solar Cell? How does it work?

    A solar cell is an electronic device that captures sunlight and converts it directly into electricity. Like designed to grow a sun, as in a battery; but since a battery can produce, the sun generates power by capturing light.




    Solar Panel - 6V 230mA Usage Areas:

    • In agriculture
    • In industry
    • In power plants
    • In different fields such as electricity, hot and cold water production
    • In calculators
    • In hours
    • It is used in many different areas such as transportation vehicles.


    Solar Panel - 6V 230mA Dimensions:




    Solar Panel - 6V 230mA Technical Specifications:

    • Input Voltage: 6V
    • Input Current: 230mA
    • Dimensions: 163x93mm


    How many types of solar panels are there?

    There are 3 types of solar panels: 1- Monocrystalline solar panels 2- Polycrystalline solar panels. 3-Thin film (amorphous) solar panels

    Can the powerbank be charged with the solar panel?

    If it receives the necessary solar energy, it can be charged.


    Solar Panel - 6V 230mA Package Contents:

    • 1 x Solar Panel - 6V 230mA 163x93mm

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