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RPi Motor Driver Board

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  • The RPi Motor Driver Board gives your Pi the ability to drive two DC motors OR one stepper motor. It's an ideal choice to DIY mobile robot based on Raspberry Pi.


    • Supports Raspberry Pi A+/B+/2B/3B
    • Freescale H-bridge driver MC33886, controls DC motors to turn in both directions
    • Onboard 5V regulator, provides power to Raspberry Pi
    • Onboard IR receiver, used for remote control robot
    • Multi protection circuit, excellent stability:
      • 2A self-recovery fuse, keep your Pi safe
      • Driver chip features Short-Circuit Shutdown for Large Output Current, Undervoltage Disable Function
      • Reversed polarity protection for motor output
      • Anti-reverse diode for power supply
    • Power input range: 7V~40V
    • Single motor output current: up to 5A
    • Power supply current for Raspberry Pi: up to 2A

    1-Raspberry Pi GPIO interface: for connecting Raspberry Pi

    2-Motor screw terminal: for connecting motors

    3-External power input

    4-74LVC4245AD: voltage level conversion chip, buffer device

    5-MC33886: motor driver chip

    6-LM2596-5.0: 5V regulator

    7-Power indicator

    8-Raspberry Pi power selection

    • OFF: Raspberry Pi powers the Motor Driver Board
    • ON: Motor Driver Board powers the Raspberry Pi

    9-2A self-recovery fuse

    10-IR receiver

    11-Schottky diodes: protects the motor driver

    12-Power supply anti-reverse diode


    For detailed information and example uses, you can visit the wiki page of the board by clicking here.

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