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Mechabau Probus Robotic Educational Robot Mod-3

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  • Mechabau Probus Robotic Educational Robot Mod-3

    Mechabau Probus Robotics Educational Robot is an educational robot suitable for robotic coding, an electronic component, an extra simplified plug and play product. Compared to its previous products, the connection problem of electronic cards has been solved, and it has a simple and application-oriented design without the need for a breadboard. One of its most important features is that you can make any design you want thanks to the open-ended construction parts.

    mechabau-probus-robotics-egitim-robotu-mod-3.jpeg (205 KB)

    Thanks to the gyroscope module, you will be able to build robots that are balanced on two wheels and supported by sensors, and you can control the speed, balance, etc. of your robot on an inclined surface. You can control its properties. You will also be able to make an active robot, thanks to its ability to react to sound and light changes on one or both sides in the environment. The product has two sound detection (microphones) and two light detection (LDR). Thanks to these sensors, they transmit information based on light and sound in a 360-degree environment. Thanks to the Bluetooth feature, you can manage your robot with your smartphone or tablet.

    mechabau-probus-robotics-egitim-robotu-mod-3-1.png (194 KB)

    Mechabau Probus Robotics Educational Robot Mod-3 Features:

    • Programming is required.
    • Wooden material is used.
    • It is used in robotic coding education.
    • PROBUS can be used with the EVO STEM Trainer (51200) and you can design manyand a variety of robots.

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