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CJMCU-GUVA-S12SD Sunlight Ultraviolet Ray Intensity UV Sensor

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  • CJMCU-GUVA-S12SD Sunlight Ultraviolet Ray Intensity UV Sensor

    The ultraviolet (UV) light found by Johann Wilhelm Ritter is the sun's rays of different wavelengths that are invisible to the naked eye. The ultraviolet ray intensity sensor can be operated with Arduino style development boards. It is also used to detect the ultraviolet index of smart devices such as watches, smartphones and outdoor devices. It provides high sensitivity and stability.


    CJMCU-GUVA-S12SD Ultraviolet Ray Intensity Sensor Technical Specifications:

    • Power Voltage: 2.5V/DC ~ 5V/AC
    • Output Signal: Analog Signal
    • Detection Range of Spectrum: 240-370nm
    • Maximum Area: 0.076mm2
    • Dark Current: 1nA
    • Light Current: 101 ~ 125nA UVA Light, 1 mW/cm2
    • Dimensions: 11x28mm


    Are UV rays harmful to the human body?

    UV rays are ultraviolet rays that are invisible to the naked eye and contain radiation. This can penetrate cells and damage human DNA.

    Where are UV rays used?

    Ultraviolet rays in general; It is used to produce low-dose vitamin D, stabilize surgical instruments after surgery, and strengthen dental fillings.


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