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The kit is a circuit for a bell that can make "ding, dong" sound. It is composed of a time base circuit integrated block and peripheral components. It has a beautiful sound quality, easy to install, low cost and low power consumption. Its working voltage is DC3V-12V. It is usually powered by a 9V laminated battery. The higher the voltage, the louder the sound. Since the speaker is not in the box, the sound phase in the front and back of the plate counteracts the volume and the volume is smaller. You can load the carton to raise the volume.

Working Principle:
The core C1 is the time base circuit integrated block NE 555. It forms the unsteady multivibrator. Press the button AN (mounted on the door), the oscillator oscillates, the oscillation frequency is about 700Hz, and the speaker makes a "ding" sound. At the same time, the power supply is charged by diode D1 to C1.When the button is released, C1 is discharged through the resistance R1, maintaining the oscillation. However, due to the disconnection of AN, the resistance R2 is threaded into the circuit, which changes the oscillation frequency, about 500Hz, and the speaker makes a "dong" sound.Until the voltage on C1 can't sustain the 555 oscillation. The length of the sound of "dong" can be changed by changing the number of C1.

The kit circuit is fairly simple. You will get a about 5*7cm universal board or process PCB board. Due to the cost limitation, the loudspeaker will be a little rusty for the inventory. (and different batches may not be the same, generally 23-50mm speakers). However, it does not affect the use and experimental effect. If you mind, please select a new product.

Circuit Diagram:

Component Listing:

NO.  Component Name  PCB Marker  Parameter QTY
1  Metal Film Resistor  R1-R4  47K 4
2  Ceramic Capacitor  C2-C4  0.01uf 3
3  1N4148  D1-D2   2
4  Electrolytic Capacitor  C1  10uf 1
5  Electrolytic Capacitor  C5  100uf 1
6  Button  S1   1
7  NE555  IC1  DIP-8 1
8  Cable    7cm 4
9  Speaker    8ohm 0.5W 1
10  PCB    27*25mm 1

Finished Product Picture:

(Note: Blow picture is just for reference, the color of the buzzer is slightly different, functions are the same, please kindly noted.)

Learn More Details in the Video:

555 Ding-Dong Doorbell Kit
555 Ding-Dong Doorbell Kit
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