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4D Raspberry Pi Adapter Shield

4D Systems
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: 294.26 TL + VAT
KDV Dahil Fiyat
: 392.35 TL
İndirimli Fiyat
: 353.11 TL

4D Raspberry Pi Adapter Shield lets that you can use 4D Systems branded display modules with your Raspberry Pi. You can use this shield instead of external jumper cables for adding a display to your Raspberry Pi in a very practical way.


  • GPIO connection with Raspberry Pi directly
  • Serial interface with easy 5 pins
  • Supplying the display with 5V from Raspberry Pi
  • Raspberry Pi A,B and B+ compliant

If you have display modules which are compatible with Arduino and Raspberry Pi, you need to buy this shield adapter. This board is already available in 4D Systems branded touch display kits. d(products that their model numbers are ending with PI , for example SK-28PTU-PI).


4D Raspberry Pi Adapter Shield
4D Raspberry Pi Adapter Shield
294.26 TL + VAT
353.11 TL
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