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130°C 1A Cable Thermic Fuse

Thermal cut-off is an unresettable thermal protect instrument. Used in household appliances and industry these instruments are perfect for thermal protection. Thermal fuse comes in an all sealed structure that ensures stability and reliability.

Features and Benefits:

  • Extremely sensitive to ambient temperature
  • Precise and stable functioning temperature
  • Compact and reliable
  • Epoxy sealed structure
  • Approved by various international standards

Thermal fuses protect equipment against fire or thermal damage due to overload or overcharge. Suitable for use with standard single phase supplies up to 250V (230V typical). Temperature gradient: 1°C per minute.

  • Functioning Temperature : +130°C
  • Holding Temperature : +78°C
  • Maximum Current : 1A
  • Voltage Rating : 250 Vac
  • Lead Orientation : Radial
  • Series : A-3A-F
  • Body Height : 6.3mm
  • Body Length : 6.2mm
  • Body Width : 2.5mm
  • Wire Diameter : 0.6mm

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130°C 1 A Cable Thermic Fuse
130°C 1 A Cable Thermic Fuse
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