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TP4056 5V 1A Lithium Battery Charger

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  • TLP4056 charger is an useful, small shaped and low priced product. You can charge lithium batteries via USB which have micro USB input.

    A micro USB connector is available on board. Powe supply can be provide with micro USB cable via this connection or with a 5V source via IN+ and IN- pins.

    At the bottom side of the board, BAT- and BAT+ pins are available. These pins are connection point of the batteries. You can plug 3.7V batteries to these connection points.

    USB kablo is not available at the package.

    Technical Features:

    • Charge Mode: Linear
    • Charge Current: 1A
    • Input Voltage: 4,5-5,5V
    • Input interface: micro USB
    • Board dimensions: 25x19x10mm
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