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Rigid3D Zero2 3D Printer (Standard)

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  • Rigid3D Zero2 3D Printer (Standard)

    A wider variety of materials can now be printed with the affordable Rigid3D Zero2 for hobbyists. ABS, PLA, PETG, PA12, FLEX and others…

    • Durable powder coated steel body
      Fully independent operation from computer with LCD control panel and SD card reader
      LCD menu that allows to change settings during printing
      Extruder design that allows the use of economical filaments with high tolerance
      Software-assisted table leveling
      Heated printing platform
      HotFix® 3D Printing Surface

    LCD Panel: 
    Ability to work completely independently from the computer with LCD control panel and SD card reader;

    With the LCD screen, you can change the settings even while printing. In addition to being able to make all the settings on the LCD screen, you can increase or decrease the printing speed while the printing is in progress, change the extruder and platform temperatures, pause the printing and start it again.

    The ability to print with an SD card eliminates the computer dependency of the printer. The printing process is not affected by problems such as computer crashes. In addition, multiple users can use the printer more efficiently with the SD card.

    Flexible Extruder:

    Extruder design that allows the use of economical filaments;

    Rigid3D's extruders are designed to tolerate variations in filament thickness. With Rigid3D, you can use filaments with low thickness sensitivity. It is also designed to work with Rigid3D open type filaments. You don't need to buy costly filament cartridges specific to the printer.

    Software Assisted Table Leveling:

    Ability to print even in situations where it is impossible to ensure parallelism of the print surface with software-assisted table leveling.

    Zero2 can print by keeping the distance between the extruder and the printing surface constant by raising and lowering the table according to the topography of the printing surface during printing, even if pits and convexities occur on the printing surface.

    rigid3d-zero2-3d-yazici-standart.jpeg (61 KB)

    Rigid3D Zero2 3D Printer Specifications:


    Printing Technology: FFF (Melt Fusing Filament Production)
    Print Volume: 200x200x200 mm (200x200x190mm with continuation feature in power failure)
    Kinematics: Simple Cartesian
    Idle Movement Speed: 100 mm/sn
    Layer Thickness: 0.05 – 0.30 mm
    Number of Extruders: 1
    Nozzle Diameter: 0.4 mm
    Filament Diameter: 1.7 – 1.8 mm
    X-Y Axis Drive System: Minimal Backlash GT2 Belt
    Z Axis Drive System: Trapezoidal Ball Screw
    Printing Plate: HotFix® 3D Printing Surface
    Platform Heater: 220 Volt 500 Watt silicon insulated resistor fixed on 4mm aluminum plate
    Connection: USB and SD Card
    Power (Max): 220 volt 600 watt
    Software: Other Software Supporting CURA, Repetier, and Open Source Firmware
    File Format: STL, OBJ, AMF, GCODE
    Dimensions: 39 x 39 x 46 cm
    Box Dimensions: 47 x 51 x 62 cm
    Raw materials: PLA, ABS, PRTG, FLEX

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