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  • The most modular kit to refresh the air hot!

    Zi Propeller includes moto, propeller, wrench, jumper cables and wooden modules. Using Electronic and Maker information, the product turns into a kit that refreshes in warm environments.

    We do not require silicon to put velcro, we solder and reel the cables to avoid soldering. STEM education set for kindergarten-elementary-middle school and upper age groups wishing to be a hobby :)

    Education Standards:

    • NGSS(NextGenerationScienceStandarts)
      • 4-PS3-2: Energy can make observations to provide evidence that it can be transferred from one place to another by sound, light, heat and electric current.
      • 4-PS3-4: You can apply scientific ideas to design, test and refine a device that converts energy from one form to another.
      • 3-5-ETS1-1 Mühendislik Tasarımı: Malzeme, zaman ve maliyet üzerindeki kısıtlamalar ile birlikte belirli kriterleri içeren bir
        ihtiyacı gidermek için basit bir tasarım problemi tanımlayabilir.
    • Common Core State Standarts
      • CCSS.Math.Content.6.NS.B.2(Number System): Calculate fluently with multi-digit numbers and find common factors and multiples. Divide multiple-digit numbers fluently using the standard algorithm.
      • CCSS.Math.Content.6.RP.A.3b(Ratios and Proportional Relations): Understands the concepts of rate and uses the problem solving rate. Use the ratio and proportion comparison to solve real world and math problems.
      • CCSS.Math.Content.6.RP.A.3d(Ratios and Proportional Relations): Understands the concepts of rate and uses ratio in problem solving. Use ratio comparison to convert units of measurement; When multiplying or dividing quantities, it can convert units as appropriate.
      • CCSS.Math.Content.6.NS.B.3(Number System): Calculate fluently with multi-digit numbers and find common divisors and multiples.


    • They can distribute the hot air by means of a propeller and explain the process that allows the environment to cool down.
    • Explain how engineering concepts in this design project can be applied to solve a real world problem.
    • Explain that a battery stores energy that can be used as electricity to make a motor rotation.
    • Explain how electrical circuits transform the chemical energy stored in batteries into other types of energy, such as light, sound and mechanical energy.
    • Design simple motor vehicle models using the simplest parts to achieve motion.
    • Explain how electric motors move robot parts.
    • Describe the energy transformations that occur in the operation of a model vehicle.

    Learning Outcomes:

    • Improve productivity and imagination
    • Provides hand and eye coordination.
    • Analytical thinking skills increase.
    • Based on energy transformations, it concludes that energy is protected.
    • Explains that potential and kinetic energies can turn into each other.
    • He knows the engines that convert the electric energy into ”Mechanical iye Energy.
    • Using different geometric bodies, models form structures.
    • It brings together objects to form new shapes.
    • Using small muscles can make movements that require a certain force.
    • To be able to do three dimensional studies by using different materials. "I can also do."
    • Producing original material allows the emergence of original ideas.
    • It helps to discover electrical issues in daily life.
    • By creating a stimulating effect on learning, it increases the awareness and makes the lessons fun.
    • Gains consciousness about scientific activities.
    • Develops innovative thinking and problem solving skills.
    • The group infuses their working spirit and consciousness.
    • Improving social relations contributes to peer learning.
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