Wixel Arduino Wireless Communication Shield

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  • This shield is developed by Pololu with the purpose of making easier useage to Wixel wireless communication modules with Arduino. You can programme Arduino wireless and remote with the shield, you can even do debugging operation and control Arduino through a serial monitor wirelessly.
    Wixel Shield does Arduino's USB functions wirelessly in 15m distance. These functions are;

    • Programming Arduino wirelessly (This function does not operate on Leonardo.)
    • Arduino can do debugging operation through a serial monitor wirelessly.
    • Arduino communicates with computer's com port wirelessly.

    Additionaly can be used for communication between two Arduinos or Arduino and other platforms.

    Pololu Wixel Arduino Kablosuz Haberleşme Shield

    Shield Features:
    • Uploading codes wirelessly by using Arduino IDE
    • General purposed serial communication between Arduino and computer
    • Useable prototyping field to solder extra components
    • Reset button and 13th pin LED on shield
    • 4 general purposed 2/3 proportinal voltage divider to connect 5V to 3.3V inputs
    • 2 general purposed mosfet ( for high current out or logic level convertion)
    • Detailed Users Guide

    P.S: Package contents all necessary headers but they are sent not soldered.


    Shield Type
    Comminucations,I/O and Prototyping
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