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Wheeled Car - D.I.Y

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  • Wheeled Car - D.I.Y

    As you build this product you will discover electronics, energy conversions, rotational motion and gears. You can make your experience richer by experimenting with changing the places of the pieces. You can help your child, who likes to play with the car, make his own toy and learn and discover new things while doing it. Thanks to the wheeled car, children can develop their muscle skills as well as have the opportunity to do brain training. In addition, these kits are prepared in accordance with the STEM education model. In this way, you will have prepared an environment where your children can learn while having fun.

    What is STEM ?

    STEM consists of the words Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. STEM is an approach created by the coming together of these 4 disciplines, enabling students to experience the subjects they have learned in theoretical lessons with different applications. Students can both learn how mathematics and science appear in daily life, and develop an interest in engineering at an early age.

    What you can learn while building the car ?

    • You can learn that the battery stores the energy to start the engine,
    • Discover the energy conversion that occurs in electrical circuits,
    • They can become familiar with electrical circuit elements and their properties and build a new circuit,
    • They can discover the working principle of gear wheels, for example, they can observe that two wheels in contact with their teeth move in opposite directions,
    • Explain the relationship between the radius and the number of teeth and the number of rotations in gear wheels,
    • They can make the necessary changes for the robot to change the direction of movement.

    Wheeled Car - D.I.Y Package Contents: 
    ca-icerik.png (1.07 MB)

    • Wooden piece: 13 pieces
    • Wheel connector: 2 pcs
    • Eva impeller: 4 pcs
    • Wooden shaft: 1pc
    • Green plastic screw: 2 pcs
    • Thin metal screw: 2 pcs
    • Mini screwdriver: 1pc
    • Nut: 2 pcs
    • Battery holder: 2 pcs
    • DC motor: 1pc

    Assembly Video:

    The product you will get after combining the parts is as follows:

    ca-sonhal.png (538 KB)

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