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VNH5019 Motor Dirver Board - PL-1451

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  • VNH5019 motor driver board was designed for control and drive high powered motors which work at 5.4V-24V voltage range. VNH5019 can delivers continuously 12A, peak 30A. Board supports PWM frequency up to 20kHz. Motor driver is solid and usefull with it's reverse voltage, high voltage, low voltage, high temperature and high curent protection features.

    Features :

    • Operation Voltage: 5.5V - 24V
    • Continuously 12A, peak 30A
    • Logic accuracy level starts from 2.5V, so inputs are compatible with 3V too.
    • Supports PWM Frequency ( Up to 20 kHz)
    • Motor indicator led is available.
    • Protections :

    -Reverse voltage protection
    -High voltage protection ( up to 41V)
    -Shutdwn at low and high voltages
    -Thermal protection feature
    -Shortcut protection

      • Number of Motor Channels: 1

      Motor Driver Connections:
      Motor and power connections of board are avaiable at ne side of the board, control connections are at the other side of the board.Board can be supplied with Vin and GND pins. Range ofVin inputt voltage is 5.5V-24V. Connections have shown clearly below:

      Dimensions :

      • Dimension : 3.81 x 2.79 x 0.96 cm
      • Weight : 6.5 g

      Differences between VNH3SP30, VNH2SP30and VNH5019 :

      VNH3SP30 VNH2SP30 VNH5019
      Operation Voltage: 5,5-16 V 5,5-16 V 5,5-24 V
      MOSFET Resistor 34 mΩ tip. 19 mΩ max. 18 mΩ tip.
      Maximum PWM Frequency 10 kHz 20 kHz 20 kHz
      Over Voltage Shutdown 36 V mn. / 43 V tip. 16 V mn. / 19 V tip. 24 V mn. / 27 V tip.
      Logic Signal High Level
      3.25 V min. 3.25 V min. 2.1 V min.
      Working Life (for 20A)
      8 s 35 s 20 s
      Working Life (for 15A)
      30 s 150 s 90 s
      Continuous Current
      9 A 14 A 12 A

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