Uno Module Set A for Arduino

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  • This set includes an board which developed by WaveShare called "UNO PLUS", a sensor connection shield and a pack of 10 sensors.

    UNO PLUS board has the same microprocessor and physical characteristics as UNO R3. Also it has some extra features:
    • The board's logic level can be changed as 3.3V/5V by the jumper on the board.
    • Reset button is placed horizontal, not vertical like the original UNO R3 board's.
    • It has a bootloader switch that allows the board to start operating more fastly when powered-up. To do that you need to get the bootloader switch to OFF position. (NOTE: When you are programing the board, this switch must be positioned as ON).
    • This board uses micro USB connector instead of USB-B type connector, which UNO R3 uses.
    • Boards DC power input is low-profiled, so it is more easier to use with shields.
    • The board has 4 VCC and GND connections. In this way you can power the other sensor boards by using this connections.
    • 3.3V regulator provides 800mA current. At UNO R3 this value is 150mA.
    • It uses crystal oscillator. In this way you can reference the clock frequencies more sensitively.
    • All the 8 ADC channels are wired to the headers.
    • You can plug it to a breadboard by soldering the male headers on the board.
    • It uses FT232 USB-Serial converter.

    Sensors within the Kit:

    • MQ-5 Gas Sensor
    • Color Detector Sensor
    • Flame Sensor
    • Hall Effect Sensor
    • Infrared (IR) Detector (Line Following) Sensor
    • Lazer Sensor
    • Soil Moisture Sensor
    • Rotary Encoder Sensor
    • Voice Sensor (Microphone)
    • DHT11 Temperature-Humidity sensor
    • Ultraviolet (UV) Light Sensor
    • Liquid Level Sensor

    Kit Includes:

    • UNO PLUS Board
    • USB Micro B Cable
    • I/O Expansion Shield
    • Sensor Pack

    You can visit the kit's wiki page for cicuit schematics, example codes and datasheets.

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