TT TECHNIC 862D+ Digital Soldering Station with Temperature Adjustment and Hot Air Blowing

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TT Technic
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  • Multi fucntioned and adjustable digital soldering iron station with TT T-ECHNI-C assurance is a long lasting, quality and very useful product with comfortable useage which can be used in schools, hobby and R&D laboratories for bottom and SMD type soldering operations.
    Digital indicator shows both soldring iron temperature and blowing temperature. You can increase or decrease the target temperature through potansiometer and do soldering operations at proper temperature level for your circuit. Electronic temperature adjustable blowing tip can be used in soldering SMD materials. Blowing tip's temperature adjustment can be done with potansiometer. You can choose between three different type and mouth blowing tip for proper enviorenment and surface.
    Adjustable between 100°C and 480°C soldering iron and blow station is long lasting and very useful. Also blowing tips with different sizes and tweezers to hold SMD materials are included to the product's package.
    Product Includes:
    • YH-862D+ Adjustable Soldering and Blowing Station
    • Pencil Soldering Iron
    • Blow Gun
    • Pencil Soldering Iron Stand and Soldering Iron Cleaning Sponge
    • Blow Gun Holder
    • Power Cable
    • SMD Material Tweezers
    • Blow Gun Tips
    • Input Voltage: 220-240V AC
    Soldering Iron Features:
    • 24V AC Voltage Input
    • 40W Soldering Iron Power
    • Adjustable Temperature Range: 100-480°C
    • Resistance: Ceramic Heater
    Blow Gun Features:
    • 24V AC Voltage Input
    • Air Flow: 120L/ minute (maximum)
    • 640W Heater Power
    • Adjustable Temperature Range: 100-480°C
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