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Tosso Fingerboard 5 Button Keypad

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Tosso Engineering
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  • Tosso Fingerboard 5 Button Keypad

    You can use the Tossom FingerBoard, which is basically a 5-key keypad, to take advantage of the keyboard features of Tosso USB and Arduino Leonardo by easily connecting them with jumper cables as the pin layout is arranged in accordance with TossoDuino.

    What can you do with this product ?

    • By using Tosso FingerBoard with Tossoduino or Arduino Leonardo, you can assign certain keys and control them via computer.
    • You can use it as a normal keypad in another project by using the pins on it.
    • You can create shortcuts for a used program.
    • If, else, digitalWrite(,); You can automatically print commands such as
    • Using it as a keypad, encrypted projects, button usage, etc. You can make keypad applications.

    An example like this could be multiplied. You can make different projects according to your imagination.


    • Input voltage: 3.3V Max.
    • It has 5 buttons
    • Each time the keys are pressed, their own leds light up
    • Includes phone holder
    • Length: 92mm
    • Width: 79.5mm
    • Thickness: 24mm

    Package Included: 

    • 1 x TossoFingerBoard

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