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Stemist Box Da Vinci Hammer

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Stemist Box
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  • In the Da Vinci Hammer product, children experience the experience of making a hammer with a cam that moves automatically when turned by hand (Turning or moving back and forth, a predefined movement of action, a machine that transfers it to another base). At the end of the experience, engineering wonders become a hammer.

    Da Vinci Hammer Acquisitions
    It improves creativity and creativity.
    It provides hand and eye coordination.
    Analytical thinking skills increase.
    Problems with a little effort provide an easy solution.
    It gives work power.
    The problem develops in the ability to find different solutions.
    They call new approaches to innovation and innovation, design new products.
    Models create structures using different geometric objects.
    The objects are assembled in such a way as to form new forms.
    Using his small muscles he can make movements that require a certain amount of power.
    It works in three dimensions using different materials.
    "I can do it."

    Experimental Outcomes
    At the end of the experience, the children will play with the "Da Vinci Hammers" they produce.
    Our product is not industrial. Problem solving is among our ultimate goals. When Da Vinci Hammers are broken, we aim to find a solution to the problem and try to repair it. The hammer will turn the cam that the mechanisms underlie and follow in the work phase. When the cam is turned, the hammer weight must always be tight due to its gravitational force. At the end the hammer and its mechanism, the cam suddenly follows the cam just as it falls, which reduces the hammer. This event systematically continues.
    We used wood as our main body for the moment we arrived. We want our students to differentiate hammers, hack and use different materials to make hammers of different sizes.
    We want you to observe the state of attraction by using other materials instead of the wooden body. By doing - we live and experiment by acting on the principle of learning persistence. E.g; we hope that our student, who is experienced with wooden sticks, observes the hammer using materials and ties it to the result. Spring and motor etc. By adding materials, we want the speed of the attractor to be improved.
    We are people who are problem-minded, and we want our students to tackle problem solving in the parent / mentor relationship in order to solve problems in our products.

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