SparkFun RedBoard Arduino Board - Programmed with Arduino

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  • RedBoard is an Arduino board produced by SparkFun. Pin mapping and microcontroller is the same as Arduino Uno R3. There are just some practicality differences between Arduino Uno and RedBoard.

    Unlike Arduino Uno, RedBoard has a USB mini-B connector. Microcontroller on the RedBoard has SMD packaged on it instead of DIP. The board uses FTDI FT231X IC as usb to serial converter. It is possible to program RedBoard by choosing Arduino Uno on Arduino IDE.


    • Atmega328 microcontroller with Optiboot bootloader
    • USB to serial IC: FTDI FT231X
    • Input voltage: 7 - 15 V
    • Logic level : 5 V (possible to use with 3.3V input voltage)
    • Number of digital I/O pins: 14 (6 PWM)
    • Number of analog out pins: 6
    • ISP header connector
    • 32 kB flash memory
    • 16 MHz clock frequency
    • Complately SMD desing
    • Compatible with R3 shields
    • Red PCB
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