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SparkFun Analog/Digital MUX Breakout CD74HC4067

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  • You can multiplex your analog and digital I/O pins in your DIY projects using this breakout. You will be able to have 16 outputs using 5 inputs wtih the onboard CD74HC4067 16 - channel analog / digital multiplexer / demultiplexer IC.

    It works with both digital and analog signals (the voltage can’t be higher than VCC), and the connections function in either direction. To control it, connect 4 digital outputs to the chip’s address select pins (S0-S3), and send it the binary address of the channel you want (see the datasheet for details). This way allows you to shortcircuit the each channel to SIG pin. It is possible to use UART, I2C and SPI (and the familiars) serial communication protocols too.


    • 2V to 6V operation
    • “On” resistance: 70 Ohms @ 4.5V
    • 6ns break-before-make @ 4.5V
    • Wide operating temperature range: -55C to 125C


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