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Solarbotics K SV Sumovore Mini Sumo Kit

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  • If you have been thinking about getting your own mini sumo robot but were waiting for the right kit to come along, we might just have the one for you! No programming is necessary to get the Sumovore going: it has a sumo wrestling mode and a line following mode, and assembly is easy with the step-by-step instructions written just for beginners. This robot outperforms many other robots, even in its standard configuration, and there are options to expand on its basic capabilities. This product is in demounted condition.


    • Powerful GM8 gearmotors powered by a robust L293D motor driver.
    • Four opto-reflector edge sensors (fifth edge sensor position available when using microprocessor brainboard).
    • Two 38kHz IR emitters and detectors for opponent detection.
    • Steel frame for easy assembly.
    • Discrete brainboard, no programming required (optional modular brain boards for programming the robot are available).
    • Multiple trimpots for simple behavior tuning.
    • Modular front edge sensor / IR transmitter daughterboard.
    • 345 grams with batteries in (6 x AA batteries not included).

    Dimensions: 90x90mm Height: 85mm

    Weight: 350gr

    Mounting Guide

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