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Servo Triggering Board

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  • Using this board, you can move your servo to specified location. First location of servo, next location of servo and motion duration can be configurated with on board trimpots.

    ATTiny84 mikrocontroller is available on the board. "A" trimpot is used for configurate first location of servo, "B" trimpot specifies next location of servo, T trimpot specifies movement duration. You can use "IN" and "GND" connections for signal input.

    Technical Features:

    • Operation Voltage: 5V (recommended)
    • Maximum Voltage 5.5V
    • Operation Curren: 5mA
    • 3 control trimpot:

    -A: Virtual servo location detection
    -B: Detects maximum location of servo at triggering situation
    -T: Motion duration

    • Configurable input polarity
    • Configurable response mode
    • Compatible with Analog servos
    • ISP headers for ATTiny84 programming

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