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Servo/DC/Step Motor Shield for Arduino

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  • You can drive 2 servo motor, 4 DC motor or 2 step motor with this shield.

    It can provide 1.2A constant and 3A instant current for each channel with TB6612 MOSFET driver on it. It's efficiency is better than commonly used L293D driver, therefore it makes you able to use your batteries a lot longer on your robot kits. There are also inner reverse current protection diodes.

    Shield has PWM driver that communicates through I2C, therefore it only needs 2 pins. Hereby, you have plenty pins left for components such as sensors on your projects. You can use 5 different address via solder jumpers on the card which uses I2C protocol. Therefore, you can drive multiple motors by stacking 5 (maximum) shields on top of each other.

    There are protection circuit for reverse power connection and prototyping field on the card.

    Not directly compatible with versions older than Arduino Mega R3! To use it with old versions it is neccessary to connect SDA and SCL pins to shield with jumper wires.

    Technical Specifications:

    • 2 5V servo motor connections
    • 4 H-bridge TB6612 integreted circuit (for each bridge maximum 1.2A constant and 3A instant current, 4.5- 13.5V voltage)
    • Maximum 4 DC motor' direction and 8-bit velocity control
    • Maximum 2 step motor can be driven
    • I2C address: changeable between 0x60 - 0x80
    • Motor stop function for protection in first start
    • Terminal connections to connect wires with 18-26 AWG thickness
    • Access to Arduino reset button on shield
    • External power input with reverse voltage protection
    • Compatible with Arduino UNO, Leonardo, ADK/Mega R3, Due, Diecimilla, Duemilanove


    • For motor driver integreted circuit's datasheet, click here.
    • For example code and Arduino library, click here.

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