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Sanwa MG5000 5000V Insulation Meger

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  • Sanwa MG5000 5000V Insulation Meger

    Sanwa MG5000 5000V Insulation Meger is a high-voltage resistance measuring device used to measure the insulation resistance of the power line. Provides insulation resistance up to 1TΩ. This device, which has automatic data hold feature, has automatic discharge function and provides automatic power saving. The working logic is the application of DC voltage at certain levels and intervals to the surface to be measured and the measurement of the current passed by the material, and then the calculations according to the ohms law over the applied voltage.

    Sanwa MG5000 5000V Insulation Meger Technical Specifications:

    • Test Voltage: DC5000V/2500V/1000V/500V/250V
    • Insulation Resistance: 104.9MΩ / 1049MΩ / 2.09GΩ / 104.9GΩ / 1199GΩ
    • Voltage measuring range AC / DC: ± 30 ~ ± 1000V
    • Short circuit current up to 4mA
    • Sampling Rate: 3 times /sec
    • Power Saving: Numeric display 1200
    • Dimension (HxWxD): 188 x 225 x 97mm
    • Mass: 1750g

    Sanwa MG5000 5000V Insulation Meger Package Contents:

    • Test Cable (TL-5k)
    • Battery (LR14x8)
    • Carrying Case (C-MG5k)

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