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Raspberry Pi Relay Board v1.0

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  • Four quality relays are used on th Relay Shield and with NO/NC(Normally Open/Normally Closed) interface of these relays, high current can be controlled. Standard shield can be plugged to Raspberry Pi easily. Also there are 4 dynamics indicator, which show on/off situation of each relay, on shield. Relays can be controlled through I2C. Because of this, relays need less pin and with switch on the board I2C adress can be calibrated.
    • Compatible with Raspberry Pi 3/2/B+/A+/B
    • Interface: I2C, three hardware SW1 (1, 2, 3) select the fixed I2C-bus adress
    • Relay screw terminals
    • Standardized shield shape
    • LED working status indicators for each relay
    • COM, NO and NC pins for each relay
    • High quailty relays
    • Source Voltage: 4.75~5.5V
    • Max Switching Voltage: 30VDC / 250VAC
    • Max Switching Current: 15A
    • Frequency: 1Hz
    • Dimensions: 91.20 x 56.15 x 32 mm

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