Proskit MT-1132 3 1/2 Manual Digital Multimeter

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  • Proskit MT-1132 is a manual gradual digital multimeter which is the most needed measurement device in projects or applications. It will provide secure digital measuring even in the most sensitive measurings with its easy to read large LCD screen and high performance. It can be used to do AC/DC voltage, AC current, resistance,diode measurments and turn on and turn off test. There are unite symbol screen and automatic and manuel range switching, automatic power shut down and alarm function.

    Product's Features:

    • Proper for the newest CE CATIII security stardards.
    • Has 3 1/2 step 1999 counter screen.
    • Protection for over charge and wrong uses
    • Ideal for students and home useage.

    Extra Features:

    • Back light, data storing, automatic power shut down, low battery indicator is passed CATIII test.
    • DC Voltage: 220mV /2V/20V/ 200V ±(%1.0+2d) 500V±(%1.2+5d)
    • AC Voltage: 200V±(2.5+10d) 500V±(%2.5+10d)
    • DC Current: 200μA /2mA/ 20mA/200mA ± (%2.0+5d) 10A±(%3.0+5d)
    • Resistance: 200Ω ±(%1.0+5d) 2K/ 20K/ 200K ±(%1.0++5d) 2MΩ ±(%1.5+5d)
    • Fuse: 10A /250V
    • Dimensions: 144 x 78 x 41mm
    • Power Source: 1.5V AA x 2 (Not Included.)
    • Battery Control: Yes
    • Led Test: Yes
    • Transistor hFE Test: Yes
    • Diode Test: Yes
    • Continuity Test: Yes
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