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Online Robotics Coding Training 1 - Primary School

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  • Online Robotics Coding Training 1 - Primary School

    Robotic Coding Training - 1 was developed for primary school level (3th and 4th grades) students. It aims to teach our students both coding and MS Office applications effectively with a rich content created with Scratch and Product Creation Training.

    Scratch is a programming language developed by MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) in the USA, designed for the use of children aged 8-16 and has a very simple interface. [2] Unlike traditional programming languages, the user can create animations, games and stories by clicking and dragging the desired functions with the mouse. Since it has a colorful interface, it encourages children to create animations. In addition to many programming languages such as Java, C, Python, PHP, Visual Basic, Scratch categorizes ready-made functions and makes them easy to use. In this way, people who are new to programming can grasp the algorithm structure without using complex code structures such as "if, else, while, for" and lines of code that require attention such as punctuation marks. With Scratch training, you can enter the field of coding at an early age and make a great contribution to their progress in this field.

    The Product Creation training teaches students the use of package programs prepared within the framework of curricula suitable for grade levels.

    Grade Level: Suitable for 3th and 4th grade students.

    Package Included:

    • S11 - Scratch Tutorial
    • Ü12 - Product Creation Training
    • Gift: E21 - Ethics and Security Communication and Cooperation Training

    Content Details:

    It includes 32 hours of "Scratch" training consisting of 16 applications. Application names:

    • Boatman
    • Programming Fundamentals
    • Two Dimensional World
    • Digger operator
    • Replace with Fix
    • Football field
    • Stream of Life
    • Age Test
    • Step by step
    • Leg Angle
    • Maze Game
    • Magic of Dance
    • Hide and seek game
    • Finding Numbers Game
    • Sun, Earth and Moon
    • Educational Cartoon

    It includes a 16-hour "Product Creation" training consisting of 8 applications. Application names:

    • The Story of Water
    • Traffic Rules for Pedestrians 1
    • Traffic Rules for Pedestrians 2
    • Idioms and Proverbs
    • Chess Country
    • I am planning my time
    • Hide and seek
    • Market Account

    Ethics and Safety Communication and Cooperation training is in the form of additional lessons, separate from the curriculum in the set. It was added to our training set as a gift. The objectives targeted in these courses are as follows;

    • Kindness
    • Reality
    • Attention
    • Treasures
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