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Online 3D Design Course (Middle School)

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  • Online 3D Design Course (Middle School)

    With the "3D Design Education" set prepared for middle school students (5th grade); 3-dimensional modeling, making various projects that can be done with models can be taught at early ages.

    The content of our training set:

    • 3D21 - 3D Design Education
    • Gift: E21 - Ethics and Safety Communication and Cooperation Training

    Using the Tinkercad program; "How to make 3D designs?" We will find an answer to the question together. Our distance education package; It has a rich content that includes activities, evaluations, lectures, videos and simulations. Tinkercad training is made up of 8 applications:

    • I'm Making My Key Ring
    • I am hammering
    • I'm Doing My Championship Cup
    • I'm Making My Musical Instrument
    • I'm Making My Map
    • I'm Designing a Bridge
    • I Design a House with Codes
    • I Do Animation at Tinkercad

    Ethics and Safety Communication and Cooperation training is in the form of additional lessons, separate from the curriculum in the set. It was added to our training set as a gift. The objectives targeted in these courses are as follows;

    • Courtesy
    • Reality
    • Attention
    • Treasures
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